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Financial Statement and Assurance Services

At Dubrey, Culliton & Associates, LLC, we draw on extensive professional experience, industry knowledge and our understanding of the needs of your business to provide efficient financial statement and assurance services. Our procedures are designed to provide clear, concise reporting to stockholders, management, financial institutions and others who rely on financial statements.

Our commitment to upfront planning helps meet your compliance obligations with as little disruption as possible.

We currently provide financial statement and assurance services to manufacturing, equipment leasing, construction, retail, retirement plan, non-profit, governmental and uniform guidance clients. Our services include:


A compilation presents information supplied by management and ensures the financial statements are free of obvious error. Compilations do not provide assurance on the financial statements and inquiry and analytical procedures are not performed. Compilations are usually prepared for privately held businesses where the financial statements are reviewed internally.


A review of your financial statements is considerably less in scope and cost than an audit, and provides limited assurance. Typical procedures performed during a review include inquiry and analysis. Reviews are usually prepared for entities that have lines of credit, bank loans or outside investors, but do not have a requirement for audited financial statements.


Audits are the most comprehensive examination of financial statements and provide reasonable assurance financial statements are presented in accordance with generally accepted accounting principles (GAAP). An audit verifies the accuracy of the information in the financial statements, expresses an opinion, and provides assurance the supporting accounting records have been tested. Audits are typically required by lenders, investors and governmental agencies.

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